I’m still diving, grab a tank and come along.

On our dives so far we have seen Hard and Soft Corals, Feather Stars, Star Fish, Sea Scapes and we survived a Shark Feed. I think we should go alittle deeper in the water column and look at some deep water Sea Fans. Don’t worry, just keep an eye on your gauges and you will be fine.

Sea Fan


Sea Fan


Sea Fan


Close Up Sea Fan


Sea Fan

The next photo is at 100ft available light, just look at how clear the water is.

Sea Fan


Sea Fan

Do you think the next photo should be on Divers Magazine

Sea Fan and Diver

Sea Fan

This dive was a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed it to.

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Wait till you see what I got on film. Pull up a chair

First let have some fun. The first photo is a hard coral with a colorful sponge next to it.

Use your artistic imagination, What does it look like?

An Elephant

Thats right I know you see an elephant.

The next hard coral is called a mushroom coral, Fungia Fungites, yes I know most of the Latin names, but don’t worry I’ll spare you.

Mushroom Coral

A Hydroid Coral is next

Hydroid Coral

As you can see I’ve started to put frames around the photos, I feel it is a better presentation and it brings out the best in the photographs.

I couldn’t find the name of the next coral, so just enjoy the mystery of it.



Mystery Coral


These hard corals are very, very slow growing to see a Plate Coral this size without any battle scares is rear,very rear.
Plate Coral

Do you wonder why the next photo is called Finger Coral

Finger Coral

When you go diving at night, yes you do go into the dark water, you carry a light. Of course waterproof, and you can see the corals coming out of there  shells actually there individual animals called polyps and each coral mass are made up of thousands of them. In the next photo they are just transforming out to feed and then you can really see the colors. 


Coral Feeding

How about we have some more fun? The next photo is manipulated in Photoshop to bring out some very saturated colors. Just playing with single image HDR Toning.


OK  lets move on to a different catagory of coral the Soft Coral.  These were at night and the soft variety also come out to feed. 



Soft Tree Coral

This is a Macro shot or close up so you can see each individual.




Close up

 And here is one in all it’s glory.





That was quite a trip, What do you think?  Leave me a comment, especially since I am about to take you on a journey not to many people experience.

 On the first full moon at the beginning of summer, thats December in Australia, the corals spawn. Yes they actually lay eggs, I’m so excited to see the photos again.  The first in a series of 4 is the coral full of eggs, thats the purple tip.

Coral Spawning

In this photo the coral layed most of the eggs.  


Laying Eggs

This is a close up so you can see one polyp still has an egg while the others in that group are empty.


Only One Left

I guess this is the late bloomer.

and a close up of a happy coral mommy.





Coral Mommy

That’s it. I know it was a long post, but wasn’t it worth it? Now you have experience coral spawning in the South Pacific.

Hope you enjoyed the dive and I hope someday you can experience this miracle first hand.

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Let’s go Diving

Kookies Anyone?
Got Milk?
How about you come diving with me? I feel like breathing some bottled air. First did you enjoy your kookies?  
The above photo is a group of feather stars nestled on some hard coral, so let’s make that the theme for the next 4 photos.


Red Feather Star



Multi-Color Feather Star

 The above Feather Stars are nice to look at and if you accidentally brush up against them the feathers will just curl up, but if you touch the Stinging White Feather Star, well did you ever get stung by a bee or should I say a swarm of bees?


White Feather Star



Pretty when there small like this, but they can group up


Many White Feather Star


Just look and enjoy and you will be fine.

Let’s move from Feather Star to Star Fish

Star Fish

The next Star Fish has a companion, it looks like a shimp trying to camouflage itself.

Star Fish and Shrimp

Well I’m out of air, time to go up to the boat to have lunch, download the photos then get ready for the next dive. I’ll need a dive buddy, what to come along?

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Have you ever been on a SHARK feed?

I was on a live aboard in the Corel Sea off Australia, it was just after lunch when one of the dive masters asked if we wanted to go on a shark dive. There were about 12 divers on the boat and 8 were very enthusiastic the other 4 were apprehensive, but agreed. Now our bellies are full of food and as everybody was sweezzzzing into there wet suits I ventured up front when I noticed the crew was throwing fish food scrapes overboard, when I inquired they said to attract the sharks and started laughing. To say the least, that made me very nervous, but not enough to stop me. Looking back ” What was I thinking” I am about to go into the water who knows how many miles off the coast with a bunch of hungry SHARKS. AH so I go into the water with my camera gear get into position with my back to the corel, so not to get attached from the back, and wait. I didn’t have to wait very long before:

First Shark

 And then there were two:

The Second

Notice the shark is going to the divers back in the above photo. Scarrrrrrrry. Then there were three, then four and all of a sudden they were all over. It turned into a shark feeding frenzy.

The third of many

There were mostly black tip and white tip sharks that are not so aggressive or so they say. All I know when there is food around a shark does not know the difference between a piece of fish or my fore arm. look closely at the next picture.

Feed the Shark

 What do you think? About an 8 ft. long shark. I have to guess there were about 30 to 40 sharks in the water that didn’t leave when the food ran out. What do you mean there is no more food? I’m still in the water and as far as a shark knows I’m food. AGAIN SCARRRRY. There were 5 dive masters one stayed with the group while the other 4 surrounded 4 of us at a time going up to the surface and waited till we got on board then went down for four more. I was in the last group of 4 so as a true photographer I keep taking pictures. The next fish is so beautiful with such a handle to carry around: The Pig Fish

The Pig Fish

Time for one more shot then up I go

There coming to take me up Oh Boy There coming to take me up.

One more shot

Mid-Water Jellyfish

At that time I was shooting with a Nikonos set up with 2 strobes. For those of you who never shot film you only had 36 shots, if three were useable it was a good shoot. I got 7 keepers out of this roll, I’m a happy camper, Got some good shots and all of my parts are still there. Dinner is served. and it’s not me LOL

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Let’s Go Underwater

Here I am watering my garden


And here are some of my previous gardens



Seascape 2

Seascape 3

These were taken in Australia More to come soon

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Lone Cypress

The Famous "Lone Cypress"

   As you are driving along this road called the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California that goes mostly along the beautiful coast thru very exclusive neighborhoods and past the panoramic Pebbles Beach Golf Course there is a Cypress tree that is the symbol of the area and what a beautiful area it is, a must see, although there is a fee to enter the 17 Mile Drive a gated community. some people say it worth it and some say you can see the same things both north and south, but I am a romantic and just seeing the Lone Cypress is worth the fee. Enjoy the ride

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Walking with my Cell Phone

LB Morning

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