Have you ever been on a SHARK feed?

I was on a live aboard in the Corel Sea off Australia, it was just after lunch when one of the dive masters asked if we wanted to go on a shark dive. There were about 12 divers on the boat and 8 were very enthusiastic the other 4 were apprehensive, but agreed. Now our bellies are full of food and as everybody was sweezzzzing into there wet suits I ventured up front when I noticed the crew was throwing fish food scrapes overboard, when I inquired they said to attract the sharks and started laughing. To say the least, that made me very nervous, but not enough to stop me. Looking back ” What was I thinking” I am about to go into the water who knows how many miles off the coast with a bunch of hungry SHARKS. AH so I go into the water with my camera gear get into position with my back to the corel, so not to get attached from the back, and wait. I didn’t have to wait very long before:

First Shark

 And then there were two:

The Second

Notice the shark is going to the divers back in the above photo. Scarrrrrrrry. Then there were three, then four and all of a sudden they were all over. It turned into a shark feeding frenzy.

The third of many

There were mostly black tip and white tip sharks that are not so aggressive or so they say. All I know when there is food around a shark does not know the difference between a piece of fish or my fore arm. look closely at the next picture.

Feed the Shark

 What do you think? About an 8 ft. long shark. I have to guess there were about 30 to 40 sharks in the water that didn’t leave when the food ran out. What do you mean there is no more food? I’m still in the water and as far as a shark knows I’m food. AGAIN SCARRRRY. There were 5 dive masters one stayed with the group while the other 4 surrounded 4 of us at a time going up to the surface and waited till we got on board then went down for four more. I was in the last group of 4 so as a true photographer I keep taking pictures. The next fish is so beautiful with such a handle to carry around: The Pig Fish

The Pig Fish

Time for one more shot then up I go

There coming to take me up Oh Boy There coming to take me up.

One more shot

Mid-Water Jellyfish

At that time I was shooting with a Nikonos set up with 2 strobes. For those of you who never shot film you only had 36 shots, if three were useable it was a good shoot. I got 7 keepers out of this roll, I’m a happy camper, Got some good shots and all of my parts are still there. Dinner is served. and it’s not me LOL

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Let’s Go Underwater

Here I am watering my garden


And here are some of my previous gardens



Seascape 2

Seascape 3

These were taken in Australia More to come soon

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Lone Cypress

The Famous "Lone Cypress"

   As you are driving along this road called the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California that goes mostly along the beautiful coast thru very exclusive neighborhoods and past the panoramic Pebbles Beach Golf Course there is a Cypress tree that is the symbol of the area and what a beautiful area it is, a must see, although there is a fee to enter the 17 Mile Drive a gated community. some people say it worth it and some say you can see the same things both north and south, but I am a romantic and just seeing the Lone Cypress is worth the fee. Enjoy the ride

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Walking with my Cell Phone

LB Morning

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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Very cold, but still very beautiful, sitting in the Copenhagen Harbor. Sculpture by Edvard Erichsen

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Photo Retouching


And Mystery Girl Finished


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More Artograph Today

Actually this is a product fooling around with Photoshop Pixel Bender finishing off with Photoshop Single Image HDR.            Gives it an Impressionistic look

Pigeon Point Light Station

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Today’s Artograph




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More Many Faces of Rome part 2

   Now that we walked out of the Vatican lets go to the Spanish steps you know everybody hanging out, the fountain at lower street level are all very nice, but when you go up the stairs and then go a little farther up you see the panarama,

Looking over the Spanish Steps

   Looking around you see the artists at work,


   And from a picture,

Almost done

    and since I don’t draw here is some of the things I do, photos before and after,



Single Image HDR

   On with the walk, oops first art in a different form,

4 Wheeled Art

   Ready for some more faces,

Bear Fountain

Bear face, barely a face, can you bare it, Do you have any bear jokes obviously I’m not very good at it.  Take a close look at the next subject, sometimes I wonder what was on the mind of the sculptor,

    Did you know the Egypt ruled the area before Rome as apparent with the Art. Fortunately the Egyption art was not destroyed the Roman art was added to it


   Nomatter where you roam you can find a Rose


   Lets flick thru a few more faces

COme Fly with Me



THis next scene was so serine, it is set in a park,it was lightly raining with no one around just me and my lady

Peaceful Fountain

   and then kids will be kids

Rainy Day Blues

   An Athelet

   King Neptune and His Court

King Neptune

   And now we will finish off by some of my before and after art work from Rome







   There now we finished our walk around Rome, Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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The Many Faces of Rome part 1


   This will be my fourth trip to Rome and since I like walking around with my camera in hand I have photos of most of the monuments in Rome. As I was walking thru St Peters I notices not much has changed, at least on a large-scale, but it is fascinating to say the least. Glancing at the statues and frescos I occasionally looked at the people observing these works of Art and was curious of their expressions and very animated gestures, so then I looked at the statues again with a different frame of mind,  Facial Expressions.    

So begins the Faces of Rome.

   These ladies were  scattered all over Rome,  this is the only one I photographed and it so happened to have a face painted on the wall. I thought this was an appropriate first face picture 

Beggar Lady with Face


  Nepoleon Like


       The always present guard

     The next four photos are within the Vatican courtyard                          
Checking to see who comes in   
The Time Keepers 
   Looking up for Inspiration     

   Inside St Peters on the right is one of the most inspiring sculptures, first some info


Mother and Son


and this is how I see it



Dove and Olive Branch

Bronze Angel

   Spread the word


   Check out the face near his right hand



  Adam can’t be to far away




   An absolutely beautiful fresco


   Focus on the Hands

Pray Pray with the Lord


Look at the detail in this sculpture

                                                                  Looking up


While your still looking at detail

                                              Second Fresco


An Angel of Mercy

                                             Mercy, Mercy Me


The next two photos of innocence

                                      Innocence 1


                                                     Innocence 2


 The church has many symbols



The third and last fresco then out the door

                                              Fresco 3


On your way out you have to check out the doors

                                               Image 1 of 5


                                               Image 2 of 5


                                                                                 Image 3 of 5


What do you think? Leoparacy? Two more to go

                                                            Image 4 of 5


Pray for them all

                                                                                Image 5 of 5
                                                        The End


Well this is the finish of part1

   See you next week for a walk about town and to a most interesting place.

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