The Bear Mt. Bridge

Bear Mt Bridge HDR

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Reflections of the Storm

Reflections of the Storm

   Sitting by the pond after the storm, clean up is finished, but still no power yet thinking about how lucky we are there is no perminent damage.

Reflections of the Storm

Hope you and yours are safe.

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Before Irene 360 degree view

360 view

   Click on image

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The Best Morning

My Morning View

   Have a great day.

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1978 Triumph Bonneville 750cc T 140E

1978 Triumph

I was doing a job in New York remodeling a kitchen, all of the cabinets were put in the garage waiting for installation, as I was going over the kitchen plan with the homeowner we started talking about a motorcycle tucked away in the corner I noticed it was a Triumph and related the story I had a 1973 Triumph Bonneville 750cc that was my first bike and how I had a first and lasting love for a Triumph. He said it wasn’t his bike that it was he’s brothers who was storing it there while he was in Europe. Well I just happened to ask if it were for sale I would be very interested. Did I mention this conversation took place in 2001. On Aug 1 2011 I got a phone call asking me if I were still interested in the Triumph, 10 years later, I was shocked and without hesitation said yes and within 2 days I had it in my garage. Sitting for 10 years it needed some work which happened to be very little, something I could do myself, but rebuilding carb and the mechanics of the rebuild I left to the Classic Triumph Mechanic. I picked up the Triumph yesterday and it started on the first kick. What a joy.  Some other views

1978 Triumph

1978 Triumph

I bought my Triumph in 1973 and had it until 1983, In 2008 I bought a Harley Davidson Fatboy

2008 Fatboy

 So now I have 3 loves in my life, My Fatboy, My Triumph and My Wife.

OOPS not necessarily in that order.

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The Philladelphia Flower Show – April in Paris

Since it’s a flower show let’s start off with an Orchard




As you have seen from some of my previous posts I like to photograph bicycles.


 And there it was! I was shocked! A 1961 NSU Prinze, a German made amphibious car. MY FIRST CAR. It was a 2 cyclender 5 passenger car that got 50 mpg city. Wish I had it now

NSU Prinze


and as I am walking around really enjoying the PFS especially the theme is April in Paris, they have musicians playing French tunes, mimes walking around doing there mime thing, oh the joys of Paris. The show was a success in that everything was absolutely gorgeous and you really felt like you were in Paris, DA< DA< DA<DUN then I walked in the underground catacombs.

Eerie and Spoooocky

Now I have to find my way out of here. See Ya!!!!!!!!!!!

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3-10-2011 Is This Turkey Day

It sure was in my yard today, looking out the kitchen window I was surprises at this site.

Turkey Family

Normally at this bird feeding station I attract a variety of wild birds such as Blue Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Doves you know the usual, except this morning.

Got Real Close

So I walked out the door and they just curiously looked at me so I grabbed a handful of wild bird feed, that I always keep in a small can at the back stairs, and chicky, chicky, chicky and they were at my feet gobbleing around. It was real kewl.

Eating Seed

That made my day.

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