Let’s go Diving

Kookies Anyone?
Got Milk?
How about you come diving with me? I feel like breathing some bottled air. First did you enjoy your kookies?  
The above photo is a group of feather stars nestled on some hard coral, so let’s make that the theme for the next 4 photos.


Red Feather Star



Multi-Color Feather Star

 The above Feather Stars are nice to look at and if you accidentally brush up against them the feathers will just curl up, but if you touch the Stinging White Feather Star, well did you ever get stung by a bee or should I say a swarm of bees?


White Feather Star



Pretty when there small like this, but they can group up


Many White Feather Star


Just look and enjoy and you will be fine.

Let’s move from Feather Star to Star Fish

Star Fish

The next Star Fish has a companion, it looks like a shimp trying to camouflage itself.

Star Fish and Shrimp

Well I’m out of air, time to go up to the boat to have lunch, download the photos then get ready for the next dive. I’ll need a dive buddy, what to come along?


About BruceAnthonyCreations

I am a Carpenter/Gardener/Outdoor Living Space Designer with my 25 years experience in building Decks and Patios. I recieved a degree in Horticulture so I can complete the overall look of your house with a landscape.
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