Have you ever been on a SHARK feed?

I was on a live aboard in the Corel Sea off Australia, it was just after lunch when one of the dive masters asked if we wanted to go on a shark dive. There were about 12 divers on the boat and 8 were very enthusiastic the other 4 were apprehensive, but agreed. Now our bellies are full of food and as everybody was sweezzzzing into there wet suits I ventured up front when I noticed the crew was throwing fish food scrapes overboard, when I inquired they said to attract the sharks and started laughing. To say the least, that made me very nervous, but not enough to stop me. Looking back ” What was I thinking” I am about to go into the water who knows how many miles off the coast with a bunch of hungry SHARKS. AH so I go into the water with my camera gear get into position with my back to the corel, so not to get attached from the back, and wait. I didn’t have to wait very long before:

First Shark

 And then there were two:

The Second

Notice the shark is going to the divers back in the above photo. Scarrrrrrrry. Then there were three, then four and all of a sudden they were all over. It turned into a shark feeding frenzy.

The third of many

There were mostly black tip and white tip sharks that are not so aggressive or so they say. All I know when there is food around a shark does not know the difference between a piece of fish or my fore arm. look closely at the next picture.

Feed the Shark

 What do you think? About an 8 ft. long shark. I have to guess there were about 30 to 40 sharks in the water that didn’t leave when the food ran out. What do you mean there is no more food? I’m still in the water and as far as a shark knows I’m food. AGAIN SCARRRRY. There were 5 dive masters one stayed with the group while the other 4 surrounded 4 of us at a time going up to the surface and waited till we got on board then went down for four more. I was in the last group of 4 so as a true photographer I keep taking pictures. The next fish is so beautiful with such a handle to carry around: The Pig Fish

The Pig Fish

Time for one more shot then up I go

There coming to take me up Oh Boy There coming to take me up.

One more shot

Mid-Water Jellyfish

At that time I was shooting with a Nikonos set up with 2 strobes. For those of you who never shot film you only had 36 shots, if three were useable it was a good shoot. I got 7 keepers out of this roll, I’m a happy camper, Got some good shots and all of my parts are still there. Dinner is served. and it’s not me LOL


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I am a Carpenter/Gardener/Outdoor Living Space Designer with my 25 years experience in building Decks and Patios. I recieved a degree in Horticulture so I can complete the overall look of your house with a landscape.
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