1978 Triumph Bonneville 750cc T 140E

1978 Triumph

I was doing a job in New York remodeling a kitchen, all of the cabinets were put in the garage waiting for installation, as I was going over the kitchen plan with the homeowner we started talking about a motorcycle tucked away in the corner I noticed it was a Triumph and related the story I had a 1973 Triumph Bonneville 750cc that was my first bike and how I had a first and lasting love for a Triumph. He said it wasn’t his bike that it was he’s brothers who was storing it there while he was in Europe. Well I just happened to ask if it were for sale I would be very interested. Did I mention this conversation took place in 2001. On Aug 1 2011 I got a phone call asking me if I were still interested in the Triumph, 10 years later, I was shocked and without hesitation said yes and within 2 days I had it in my garage. Sitting for 10 years it needed some work which happened to be very little, something I could do myself, but rebuilding carb and the mechanics of the rebuild I left to the Classic Triumph Mechanic. I picked up the Triumph yesterday and it started on the first kick. What a joy.  Some other views

1978 Triumph

1978 Triumph

I bought my Triumph in 1973 and had it until 1983, In 2008 I bought a Harley Davidson Fatboy

2008 Fatboy

 So now I have 3 loves in my life, My Fatboy, My Triumph and My Wife.

OOPS not necessarily in that order.


About BruceAnthonyCreations

I am a Carpenter/Gardener/Outdoor Living Space Designer with my 25 years experience in building Decks and Patios. I recieved a degree in Horticulture so I can complete the overall look of your house with a landscape.
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