A Walkabout, Cruiseabout and a Driveabout in the Fall

   Hello again, I was just upstate NY in the fall at Bear Mt. and also at a park called Minnewaska, one of my favorite hikes, then back to the Jersey Shore.
   Lets start at Bear Mt Lake where there is an easy trail around the perimeter, with plenty of photo ops.

Bear Mt Lake

Sometimes it’s strange things you see in a photo


The hike around the Lake is almost finished, one more look

Bear Mt Lake

   You ask, How did I get to Bear Mt. A cruise up the Hudson from Manhatten. I will spare you the photos of NY skyline, The Intrepid and the GW Bridge but how many of you know of the lighthouse under the bridge.

Little Red Lighthouse

One of the advantages of a different perspective.

Moving up the river are the Palisades first in Jersey than up a little further in New York. At the base of the Palisades:

   Now we are approaching Bear Mt With the Elk overlooking the Bear Mt Bridge


   THe Elk’s perspective


Oh one photo on the ride back you just have to look at the waves

Kids will be Kids

         OK lets move west to Minnewaska Lake on a different day and a car ride to take a 5hr or so hike around the Lake and area.

Up The Road

   Just around the corner is the entrance to Minniwaska Lake

On the Road

   And the Lake

Minniwaska Lake

   A close up of the Lake Lodge

Minniwaska Lake Lodge

My Life/hiking partner

A view from the cliffs

From the Cliff

      Some of the low growing foliage along the hike.

REd Foliage

  While we are still looking down

     Don’t look down for to long you might miss the sign

Gertrude's Nose

 This was the weather that day with no rain, looking over the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley

There I go looking down again


   You just can’t look down for to long, it could get quite dangerous if you don’t pay attention and walk off the cliffs

Lone Pine

Another look at the valley

Hudson Valley

   Since this is a photography blog how about some more photos of moss


   The hike is over and on the way back to the car this scene just has to be photographed

Minniwaska Bridge

   Now that were back to NJ lets take a drive around Ocean Township and then down to the Shore. This year the colors are vibrant, very little if any photoshop.

Rutgers Dr

      One thing great about the digital world is the diversity and instant results of changing settings. I shoot with a Canon 40D and I am the kind of person that likes to know everything the camera can do so I can pick and choose my shots, in the next shot wide open very slow on a tri pod.

It's a Mystery

      Little bridges tucked away very indescriminate yet with alot of impact

      Moving along seeing trees with such magnificent color they just take your breath away, soon regain your composure and take a photograph. The next shot was the row of evergreen trees with this maple in full glory

Maple and Evergreens

   Talking about a tree in full glory


       One more beautiful Maple, this time a full mature Cutleaf showing off.  Although the Maple is the main subject, the eye is drawn upward with the Blue Spruce then to the right with the color in the background, the an overall look with the house and how it brings comfort and solice to your heart.

Home Sweet Home

      Down the road just a bit

Down the Road

   Had to put some Oil to this one

Fall Paint

   The next day I wake up early, very early and make my way to the shore, it’s a nice, brisk morning standing on the boardwalk waiting for the sun to rise, I’m looking around and there seems to be nice cloud cover, calm and peaceful, I think to myself, self this morning has good potential, wait and see

Jersey Shore Sunrise

   There, can’t get any better, so now I’m feeling real good and since I’m out and about there is a great breakfast place right down the road, and more photographs


   Have to get a Rose in here

Friendship Rose

      Lunch came and went, then dinner. I wonder what could be framed into this


      The sky cleared the temurature is surprisingly mild, the sun has just set behind me,

New Jersey Moon Rise

   Going Home,  Inspiration is just oozing my camera is cooling down time to fire up the computer

Arrangment Paint


Cardinal Paint

    It has been a very full day. Good Night

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Canadarago Lake=Richfield Springs

There are 2 parts of this photowalk, because of my inexperience posting please read the previous post, Where is Canadarago Lake?, first. Thanx

The quant little town, the Church Bells ring


This photograph inspired me so much I digitally oil painted it

Oil Paint

I rise early in the morning and walk around outside with camera in hand, this happened to be a very peaceful start of the day

Early Morning Dock Side

As you walk the paths before sunrise


Just a little after it pops thru with a hint of warmth


Thru the Trees

The sun rises fast and this opportunity has gone, but there always more around the corner. Going away from the Lake on a hike to the Farm you have to stop at Dyn’s for breakfast


After the greatest apple pie onward to the Farm about an mile and a half walk after turning left

Turn Left

The scenery changes to rolling hills, Farmhouses and Barns

On the way

A rustic collection of Barns


The sun is rising fast, but there is still some long shadowy effects and the leaves changing color. What a beautiful time of year

Shadowy Barn

Lots of barns

Double Silo

Walking along you are always looking around, plenty to see don’t forget to look down

Creepy Crawly Thing

Almost stepped on that one, The landscape changes once again


It’s time to slow down, no not us the water

Slow Down

We are at the Farm what else do you expect




Mom and baby?


OK,  Lunch then back to the lake, boating, fishing and the next morning


Thanks for walking along with me, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Where is Canadarago Lake?

Do you know where Canadarago Lake is ?

Move on to find out

The start of the Lake and the leaves are just starting to change

And now you know where the Lake is, Central New York about 1hr. drive west of Albany

Good Morning Lake. I love taking pictures especially in the morning

Early morning fisherman

Sites and Scenes around the Lake

A little manipulation of a small dock

The little things in life make it enjoyable.

A Dock, Boat and small Boat House

But danger lurks around every corner when you are strolling thru the paths of the Lake.  When you first see this your immediate reaction is a start because it looks so real, then you realize crocks don’t live upstate New York well at least not in fresh water,  thats unless it’s plastic. LOL

The soft and subtle feelings of the Lake whether it be a beautuful early morning sunrise or……….

Find out next post on another early morning photo walk.
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A Rose is a Rose

Pink Rose

A Rose is a Rose

What could be said or felt about a rose that hasn’t already been expressed. The color of a rose has a meaning which gives it an emotion, such as a red rose is for romance, a yellow rose is for friendship and on and on. All this is a nice visual expression and an inspiring emotional journey, but without always having awareness the rose can induce pain.

    While a rose is beautiful our instinctive personality will reach out and touch to be close to beauty and that’s when all caution is abandoned and along with the visuals, the emotions and the love for the rose there is the unforgettable prick of the thorn.

    Can you relate?


    A Rose is a Rose

    Graceful and Elegant

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