Where is Canadarago Lake?

Do you know where Canadarago Lake is ?

Move on to find out

The start of the Lake and the leaves are just starting to change

And now you know where the Lake is, Central New York about 1hr. drive west of Albany

Good Morning Lake. I love taking pictures especially in the morning

Early morning fisherman

Sites and Scenes around the Lake

A little manipulation of a small dock

The little things in life make it enjoyable.

A Dock, Boat and small Boat House

But danger lurks around every corner when you are strolling thru the paths of the Lake.  When you first see this your immediate reaction is a start because it looks so real, then you realize crocks don’t live upstate New York well at least not in fresh water,  thats unless it’s plastic. LOL

The soft and subtle feelings of the Lake whether it be a beautuful early morning sunrise or……….

Find out next post on another early morning photo walk.

About BruceAnthonyCreations

I am a Carpenter/Gardener/Outdoor Living Space Designer with my 25 years experience in building Decks and Patios. I recieved a degree in Horticulture so I can complete the overall look of your house with a landscape.
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5 Responses to Where is Canadarago Lake?

  1. Flash says:

    nice tour, love the photographs

  2. georgette delopoulos says:

    thankyou my special friend for such a beautiful ride down memory land!!!

  3. Alice says:

    Beautiful shots Bruce! Your early morning walks pay off. Besides, at least You know what you’re doing with your camera! Love the shot of the fishermen!
    My roses got eaten by Japanese Beetles!!! Help for next year’s blooms? Planted two bushes and mulched them up to 6 inches for the winter.

  4. Alice says:

    Canadarago Lake>>>>……Hmmmmmmm……Out west somewhere? Sounds like an Indian name to me.

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