The Many Faces of Rome part 1


   This will be my fourth trip to Rome and since I like walking around with my camera in hand I have photos of most of the monuments in Rome. As I was walking thru St Peters I notices not much has changed, at least on a large-scale, but it is fascinating to say the least. Glancing at the statues and frescos I occasionally looked at the people observing these works of Art and was curious of their expressions and very animated gestures, so then I looked at the statues again with a different frame of mind,  Facial Expressions.    

So begins the Faces of Rome.

   These ladies were  scattered all over Rome,  this is the only one I photographed and it so happened to have a face painted on the wall. I thought this was an appropriate first face picture 

Beggar Lady with Face


  Nepoleon Like


       The always present guard

     The next four photos are within the Vatican courtyard                          
Checking to see who comes in   
The Time Keepers 
   Looking up for Inspiration     

   Inside St Peters on the right is one of the most inspiring sculptures, first some info


Mother and Son


and this is how I see it



Dove and Olive Branch

Bronze Angel

   Spread the word


   Check out the face near his right hand



  Adam can’t be to far away




   An absolutely beautiful fresco


   Focus on the Hands

Pray Pray with the Lord


Look at the detail in this sculpture

                                                                  Looking up


While your still looking at detail

                                              Second Fresco


An Angel of Mercy

                                             Mercy, Mercy Me


The next two photos of innocence

                                      Innocence 1


                                                     Innocence 2


 The church has many symbols



The third and last fresco then out the door

                                              Fresco 3


On your way out you have to check out the doors

                                               Image 1 of 5


                                               Image 2 of 5


                                                                                 Image 3 of 5


What do you think? Leoparacy? Two more to go

                                                            Image 4 of 5


Pray for them all

                                                                                Image 5 of 5
                                                        The End


Well this is the finish of part1

   See you next week for a walk about town and to a most interesting place.


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