A Rose is a Rose

Pink Rose

A Rose is a Rose

What could be said or felt about a rose that hasn’t already been expressed. The color of a rose has a meaning which gives it an emotion, such as a red rose is for romance, a yellow rose is for friendship and on and on. All this is a nice visual expression and an inspiring emotional journey, but without always having awareness the rose can induce pain.

    While a rose is beautiful our instinctive personality will reach out and touch to be close to beauty and that’s when all caution is abandoned and along with the visuals, the emotions and the love for the rose there is the unforgettable prick of the thorn.

    Can you relate?


    A Rose is a Rose

    Graceful and Elegant


About BruceAnthonyCreations

I am a Carpenter/Gardener/Outdoor Living Space Designer with my 25 years experience in building Decks and Patios. I recieved a degree in Horticulture so I can complete the overall look of your house with a landscape.
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2 Responses to A Rose is a Rose

  1. georgette delopoulos says:

    Your roses have kept all the beauty within my heart….keep growing them forever as long as our love lasts!!!!

  2. Alice says:

    Love your rose. Teach Me how to grow roses. Three plants mulched and waiting for Spring.

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